Membership of ASPA

Membership of ASPA is open to natural persons who are resident in Singapore and are patent attorneys or to other specified categories of individuals as defined below.

According to ASPA’s constitution, a patent attorney is an individual who acts, practices, carries on the business of a patent attorney or is engaged in patent work and is registered with IPOS as a patent attorney.

There are two classes of members, namely:

(a) Ordinary Members comprising Patent Attorneys practising and residing in Singapore. All Ordinary Members have the right to vote and to hold office in the Committee. An Ordinary Member is entitled to one vote.

(b) Associate Members comprising individuals who

Associate Members have no voting rights and are not eligible to hold office in the Committee.

The current entrance fees and annual subscriptions for membership are:

Ordinary Members

Associate Members

Annual subscriptions are payable at the commencement of each calendar year. If you join ASPA during the year, the annual subscription for that year is payable on joining.


Please fill out the online membership application form.